Friday, February 13, 2009

Tastes Like Chicken

This week in the adds I noticed that lobster tails were on sale. It had been a while, and I thought we could afford a few, so I brought them home and cooked them up. (That was of course after I chased the kids around the kitchen with them.) So while the kids ate sandwiches Stefan and I had lobster. Sloane finished her food before I could even break into mine and was soon very interested in my food. She said, "What's that mom? Is it chicken?" (Most all meat in our house is referred to as chicken... it's just easier.) I answered yes and offered her a bite. She tentatively took it, and liked it. She got so excited and started running through the house saying, "Dad, Ivy come try this. The lobster has chicken in it. Emery, Emery the lobster has chicken inside. Mom, can I have more of the chicken inside your lobster." She has since told several people about the lobster with chicken in it.

WOW! Thanks for the box.

Today we celebrated Cassius' 1st Birthday. We had a bunch of people over. It was loud and crazy. When it came time to open presents Cassius was very disinterested and we had to hold him in place. After we got some toys opened he was great for a few seconds, but was soon rushed upon by the 7 other children at the party. It sucks being the smallest. So, instead he walked away from the madness and found a discarded box from one of his presents. He spent several minutes climbing around on and tumbling off of the box. He had a blast. It was his favorite present.
Here is Cassius with his box.

What is a 1st Birthday without a 1st Birthday cake.Here is the Topsy-Turvy Birthday Cake I made for him. Before...

and after.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ohhh Ken

Today I was doing laundry while the kids played. As I sat there I watched Emery playing with some Barbies. I realized that she had Ken and Ariel and she was making them kiss.SHE'S TWO! Do two year-olds do that? At one point she had Ken laying on top of Ariel to kiss her. I think that it was only because she was having a hard time wielding them ...I hope. AND she was making Kissee noises. (SMACK!) Did I mention, SHE'S TWO!Kissee Kissee.
She stopped playing when I took a picture.

Look. Ken is even shirtless! AHHHHH!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My tummy told me to do it.

In the past when Ivy has told us her tummy hurts or is making noises we have responded by saying that her tummy is telling her that she needs to go to the bathroom or she is hungry. I think that is why her tummy now dictates several of her daily decisions. She will frequently say things like "My tummy says I want to watch Sleeping Beauty" or "My tummy says it is not bed time it says I'm not tired" or "My tummy said Cassius was hungry so I gave him my sandwich." It's pretty funny, but a little like The Shining. RedRum.

Daddy's Little Helper

The house we purchased has needed some work. A few Saturdays ago I had my husband rebuild one of the closets. Sloane decided she was going to help him. She followed him around the whole day. She got a pencil to put behind her ear. She handed him things like his tape measure or his drill. She would follow him outside in the cold to watch him use the table saw. She did this for several hours. I had no idea she had that kind of attention span. It was super sweet.

I kissed a booger

The other day Emery approached me holding out her finger and crying. I was not really paying attention and absentmindedly kissed it assuming she was holding it out because she had hurt it. She said, "No mom, I have a booger." That's right I had just kissed Emery's booger.

I'm Back

So, I have been completely busy with this whole shopping for a house thing. I am glad to report we found a house and have spent the last couple of month fixing it up a little, and moving in. I am starting to feel mostly settled. I decided it was time to get back to my blog. I thought I would give you a taste of my kids amazing fashion sense. And yes, we do occasionally go out in public in some of these get ups. If they get dressed or do thier hair all by themselves who am I to say they did it wrong. Although I do draw the line at wearing nothing but a pair of sunglasses.